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Geelong, Australia


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Current Chapter List for "Exciting, Dynamic Geelong"

March 27, 2018

Here are the chapters – for both the e-book and hard copy version of “Exciting, Dynamic Geelong” :

  1. History of Geelong 1800-1980

  2. Modern History of Geelong 1980-2020

  3. Rebirth for Historic Buildings

  4. Myths and Folklore

  5. Zany Playgrounds for Adults

  6. How American “Snow Birds” View Geelong as a retirement destination.

  7. Why Geelong’s Population Growth Rate is Exceptional

  8. International Events and Festivals

  9. Slow Bake Seismic Developments:  (a) Avalon INTERMODAL, (b) Bannockburn Irrigation Area, (c) collaborative hub for infectious disease/biosecurity

  10. World-Ranked Entrepreneurs Based in Geelong

  11. Emerging local enterprises










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