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Geelong, Australia

Today's authors need professional assistance to convert their manuscripts into profits - Birdwood Publishing helps you become an "authorpreneur" and create a successful indie author enterprise.

We offer Project Management to Self Publishing authors - from concept, through the whole publishing process, and on to multiple revenue streams

Our authors are generally business owners. 


They write books to strengthen existing relationships and to reach into new markets.

Birdwood Publishing sits squarely in the self-publishing space  - in contrast to traditional publishing, now the preserve of popular authors with a world-wide readership.  Those well-known authors are paid a low percent of the cover price of each book sold (known as royalties) in exchange for the comprehensive and complex production, distribution, marketing and sales process done by their publishers.  

Birdwood Publishing - yes -  does create books for its small-volume authors, but more importantly helps you use your book to become a publicity machine yourself, attract a greater audience, and generate substantial income from the creation and maintenance of your expert and thought leadership "celebrity" profile.

This is how publishing has evolved. 


Today, in the self-publishing arena, the profit follows the profile.


BACKGROUND - It took me 15 months to self publish "Exciting, Dynamic Geelong".   

I now can help you in less than half that time

Birdwood also publishes ​full colour e-books about vibrant cities


for families to send to extended family and distant friends

for gifts to visiting dignitaries 

for use as a sales aides for commercial organizations selling local assets/services to remote clients

e.g. property developers selling high rise apartments, boarding schools and universities, retirement villages, and conference managers.

An example of a recent publication is "EXCITING, DYNAMIC GEELONG"

Typical Users of "Exciting, Dynamic Geelong" include:

  • INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS - gifts for visiting dignitaries

  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT - support for grant applications

  • REAL ESTATE AGENTS - for inclusion in a thankyou hamper

  • ATTRACTING TALENT - encouraging employees to relocate

  • PHILANTHROPY - to recognise donations

  • EXCHANGE STUDENTS - to explain/describe Geelong 

  • GRANT APPLICATIONS - supporting the required documentation

  • HIGH RISE DEVELOPERS - selling apartments to remote clients

  • SALES REPS - to leave a continuing reminder

  • PROFESSIONAL FIRMS - to bond with clients

  • RETIREMENT VILLAGES - justification for the relocation decision

  • FINANCE BROKERS - an expression of appreciation 

  • UNIVERSITIES - for the student information pack

  • CONFERENCE MANAGERS - promoting an unknown destination

  • LAND DEVELOPERS - validation for the purchase decision

  • HIGH END ACCOMMODATION - a gift for every guest

What readers have said about "Exciting, Dynamic Geelong"

"I read it twice - as every chapter is a collections of introductions"

Jason Steinwedel - Director ManuFutures, Deakin University  24 October 2018

"Well written, Bernard!  It is a good read"

Ken Dickens - Managing Director, Corio Waste Management  16 October 2018

"Among its other attributes, 'Exciting, Dynamic Geelong' is an instant resource

for unusual facts of general interest about Geelong"

Ray French, Rotary Club of Geelong,  23 October 2018

"It's a remarkable book for anyone with even the slightest interest in Geelong.  The structure

allows you to dip in, go away then come back later and dip in again"

Peter Mackinlay  - Architect (retired)   5 December 2018

Bernard Kelly is available as a Platform Speaker for your next meeting or conference.

His specialised presentations include:

(1) Generate profits from your book

(2) Geelong as a vibrant city

(3) Maintain a zest for living in retirement.


Contact him directly to discuss your options.


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